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We are a bunch of youngsters stepping in with zeal to make it big in the industry.Our aim is to connect, build and remain true to the commitments. Team aspires to improve the quality of work. You are assured of our time management and consistency. Also, have a client-friendly atmosphere and a candidate-friendly approach.



Creative approach in our dynamic functions.



Consult us for better solutions.



Collaborate to derive mutual benefits



Expert advice to solve your problems.

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We conduct placements in institutes across India.



Our training programs will facilitate candidates in developing their skills.



Expert advice on development techniques and job related queries will be offered by our firm.

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Today we have successfully launched our erflogs site! The site is filled with fresh view, unique ideas and skilled minds. Yes! From today onwards you can use this site for your better Placement, Training, and Consulting.

Why choose Erflogs?

Our wholistic approach is beneficial and franchising.


Our team believes in a friendly-approach. We wish to win the trust of our clients as well as applicants and prefer to keep these two sides well connected with each other.


Policies are negotiable in our organization i.e., we agree to bend the policies according to client requirements. We prefer to be accessible to our client expectations at any given time.

Our peopleOur people

We are connected with people from different sectors, our network is diverse. It’s important for employees to feel job satisfaction in any company and we definitely believe in facilitating employees in finding satisfaction through their jobs. We promote employee development and welfare. Our interest is also to create a healthy work environment within the company as well as for the clients.


A good research is always necessary to keep in touch with new trends. We give importance to research in order to revise new techniques and management strategies for the company. Our young team is constantly working to find new things which will enhance and build our business.

What We Do

Build networks between the clients and professionals.

Recruitment Services

It is essential to hire suitable employees for any sort of jobs. The search for an efficient job seeker is a crucial process. We undertake this recruitment procedure through advance techniques and methodology. Erflogs will recruit people from diverse fields such as Marketing, HR, Telecom, Finance, so on and so forth.

Executive Search

An executive is someone who occupies a high position in a company. Hence, hiring an executive is not an easy process. We look for core competencies, dynamic attitude, good technical knowledge, communication skills etc to zero in on the candidates. We use a detailed approach while selecting candidates for executive job vacancies. Clients can be assured of our abilities and knowledge in the recruitment process. We strive to fulfil high expectations; also promise to give them skilled and efficient professionals.

Talent mapping and strategic search

We give utmost importance for talent mapping process. Device many strategies to search candidates, review their background and gauge their competencies. Our company gives more interest for research and development. Through this research, we also revise the talent mapping process time to time. This helps us in fishing out new talents in an easy way.

Project Recruitment

We can hire a suitable team of employees for a project. Likewise, we select group of applicants to work as a team for projects. Our updated database will help us in immediate requirements.

Diversity Search

Erflogs approach is diverse in itself; we cater to many domains. This provides us more information about applicants from various sectors. Clients can rely on us in searching new talents from different fields.

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